Italy’s first underwater gymnasium in Liguria Desired by the Liguria Regional Authority for the promotion of the marine environment, the underwater gymnasium of Arenzano has become a reality of excellence. The facility is located in the waters in front of the marina. With easy access, besides being an innovative example of an underwater sports facility in a natural environment, unique in Italy, it contributes to the repopulation of a stretch of sea making such good use of the marine habitat as to already have been renamed the "biological gym". The initiative is part of the inter-regional project "Pearls of the Northern Tyrrhenian" born from the collaboration between the regions of Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany, with the support of the Ministry of Productive Activities. Tourism and underwater activities are a combination in which the Department of Tourism of the Liguria Regional Authority has shown that it strongly believes. Structurally the gymnasium is made up of twenty-five prefabricated, concrete elements which, suitably positioned, simulate a real and true submerged pathway. Absolutely safe from the aspect of environmental impact, each module does not exceed the maximum height of three metres. The depth of eighteen metres at which they have been sunk is the maximum envisaged by the training agencies and the sports federations to license sports scuba divers as “Open Water” or 1st level.


Its location has been created on a typology of sea bed that is flat and sandy, on the edge of a Posidonia (seaweed) grove. The modules are subdivided into three fundamental figures: cylinder, prism and parallelepiped. Each of them is perforated and the geometry with which they have been designed and positioned on the sea bed gives rise to a never ending series of passages, rises and falls, perfectly recreating the marine environment that the novice will have to tackle in the future. Very useful to acquire a correct trim in diving, it is also very greatly appreciated by expert scuba divers in that it offers the opportunity of developing in-depth knowledge of a scientific and documentary nature, so much so as to propose in future its use for marine environmental training courses.

The sea of Arenzano thus puts itself forward as an underwater centre suitable for all the levels of experience, passing from the artificial elements in the shallow depths of the underwater gymnasium to the wreck of the Haven, beguiling of course, but reserved for scuba divers of proven experience. Text and photos: Adriano Penco

Location:N 44° 23,636; E 8° 41,013

Testo e foto: Adriano Penco


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